Dave's German Tours are Next Level
Wine Festivals, Christmas Market Meet-Ups, and ALL the Best Insider Spots

My pre- and post- cruise land packages utilize my favourite boutique hotels & local restaurants, highlight each city's hidden treasures, and complement your cruise package.

Experience the Christmas market like a local, explore ancient castles on a private tour, meet Germany's top chocolatier, visit farmer's markets to taste local delicacies, and get to know Germany up close and personal.  After all, I lived there for 25 years!

I do all the work so you just show up and have a blast! 

Inspiration For Your Journey
Dave's Blogs and Social Media Create Excitement

Sometimes a photo or a blog spark a great adventure. 

I try to keep my royal court up to date on all the latest travel opportunities, trends, events, and interesting itineraries.  Instagram and Facebook are a kaleidoscope of ideas and my blog posts allow me to share my ideas and insights about everything from changes in the air industry, info on the newest ships, and tips to take your trip to the next level.

You can choose where to follow me to get the info that works with your style.  Head over to my linktree page and stay in touch your way.